Oxbridge Programme

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The Oxbridge programme is the perfect choice for you if you are thinking of applying to Oxford or Cambridge, two of the most prestigious universities in the world. As a college, we have excellent links with both Oxford and Cambridge and organise residential trips, guest speakers, workshops and application/interview support. A minimum of a 3 A Level programme, a genuine passion for your subject and high academic achievement are needed for this enrichment.

Here's a short video about the mock Oxbridge interview evening, an event hosted annually by the University of Hull, open to all second year students who have made an application to Oxbridge.


The times this enrichment takes place varies across each term depending on activities taking place. For example, the course will heavily mirror the early entrance cycle for UCAS with lots of application support during this period. Towards the summer, there will also be trips to Oxbridge.


You will receive detailed information about Oxford and Cambridge universities and their highly competitive application process. You will then be guided through this process to help you make the best application possible and impress at interview.


This enrichment is free. There may be a cost if you'd like to take part in a trip to Oxford and Cambridge. Bursary students would receive support with this.


Ella Miller ella.miller@wyke.ac.uk

Ellie Nethaway, Outreach Officer, King's College, Cambridge, tells you everything you need to now about applying to Oxbridge. The presentation is part of the Wyke Oxbridge/Flyers enrichment, supporting students who want to apply to the most competitive destinations.

My experience at Wyke has been an overwhelming success. I thought that moving from a small school to a larger college would be a daunting experience yet it wasn’t at all. Everyone is so friendly and approachable. Flyers has provided me with so many useful skills and experiences which I will never forget.

Sam Winstanley, Former The Market Weight School Student
Study Programme at Wyke: Maths, Chemistry and Geography
Current Destination: University of Nottingham, Chemical Engineering

The independence and opportunity to meet new people was why I chose to study my A Levels at the College. I enjoyed being able to complete an EPQ as it allowed me to research and write about a topic I found interesting.

Lucy Moir, Former Beverley High School Student
Study Programme at Wyke: English Literature, Drama & Theatre and Government & Politics
Current Destination: University of Sussex, American Studies

I knew Wyke was the College I wanted to study at because I felt it had a much more mature and relaxed environment than other colleges. I knew I wanted to study Human, Social and Political Sciences at university and my teachers and Flyers mentor offered me additional support sessions to further develop my knowledge in these areas.

Magda Wilson, Former St. Mary’s School Student
Study Programme at Wyke: Media Studies, Psychology, Sociology
Current Destination: University of Edinburgh, Sociology & Social Anthropology

I was attracted to studying at Wyke because it offered me with many opportunities that would allow me to progress into Higher Education. Being a Flyer I have gained invaluable skills, experiences and support with my personal statement for university.

Bryan Yalung, Former Vale Academy Student
Study Programme at Wyke: Biology, Chemistry and History
Current Destination: University of Nottingham, Chemistry