wyke start 2024

Your success story begins here

Wyke Start - save the date

2nd July - 3rd July
This event is a two day, fully timetabled taster event for all applicants. You do not need to book to attend this event, the College will invite you.

By attending this event you will have the opportunity to be taught two lessons in each of your subjects by our Level 3 specialist teachers, discover more about our amazing enrichment, explore the £30M university-style campus, meet the tutor team and start to make new friends.

Transport to the College is free for both days.

On the second day, all students are provided with a free barbecue lunch, a great way to chat to your teachers and future classmates. During your tutor session we will be taking your lanyard photograph, so be be camera ready. In this time there will be an opportunity to explore our amazing enrichment.

Student Checklist

Make a great start. Be prepared.

Confirm your Attendance for Wyke Start

Log-in to your Applicant Portal and confirm your attendance by 7 June. Make sure your parent/guardian information is up to date. Applicants must also complete the parent/guardian consent for you to attend. If you're having difficulties logging-on, here's a step-by-step guide for accessing the Applicant Portal.

Check for a text

Keep an eye out for a text from us with your "Meet & Greet" room number. This will be sent on 1 July. If you haven't received one, no worries! Rooming details will also be displayed at the Oak entrance. You'll need to be in your classroom at 9.00am on both morning, so allow yourself at least 10 minutes to walk across the campus and find your room. Here you will get your timetable.

essential supplies

Remember to bring a pen, paper, and a folder so that you can engage with your lessons.

Plan your commute

If you're using college transport, check the route timetable on our website. Aim to be at your stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time. Don't forget to flag down the bus so they know you want to board.

Lunchtime & Snacks

Our food outlets don't accept cash on campus, but they do take cards and mobile transactions. Unlike school, you are free to venture off-campus at lunchtime, so you can explore nearby local shops if you prefer.

Bring a bottle

Think of the environment and save money! By bringing a re-useable bottle you can keep yourself hydrated by topping-up at our water fountains.

Be Photo ready

On the second day of Wyke Start, during your tutor session, we will be taking your lanyard photograph. Smile, you are joining one of the best sixth form colleges in the UK.


Details of how to get to Wyke are available at: Travelling to Wyke

All of the bus routes advertised on our website will be running and will be free of charge during Wyke Start.

If you cannot use the College bus routes, you can claim reimbursement for your fares during Wyke Start for any other public transport used by providing their tickets.

The buses will leave College at 4.00pm.


A small number of subjects will be conducting assessments during the Wyke Start lessons and the outcomes of these assessments will be considered alongside GCSE results at enrolment. If you have selected any of these courses for Wyke Start, please use the links below to check what information you need to be aware of for the event or if you are unable to attend the event.

A Level Fine Art, A Level Graphic Design and A Level Photography

A Level Music

A Level and BTEC Dance

A Level and BTEC Dance (for non attendance at Wyke Start)

A Level Drama and Theatre

BTEC Performing Arts

A Level Drama and Theatre & BTEC Performing Arts (for non attendance at Wyke Start)

Accessing the Computer Network

All students have been set up a temporary IT account. The username for this is your individual S number. You have also been set a temporary password. Your username and temporary password can be found on your Wyke Start timetable which you will receive on Day 1. You will be required to change this password using the following requirements:
• A minimum of 12 characters
• Include at least three of the four following:
• Uppercase
• Lowercase
• Numbers
• Special Characters
• Not be a single dictionary word or proper name
• Not be the same as your username, or a combination of your first name and second name
• Not be the same as a password you use for any other account

You can access Wi-Fi at Wyke Start. Details of how to do this will also be available at the event. You can also ask a member of our friendly IT team to help you with any of the above during the two days.

Financial Support

Further information and how to apply can be found at: Financial Support Information

Please note that applications for financial support can be accepted after 31 July but are not guaranteed to be processed in time for a student starting the college.

Portal, Summer work and Enrolment deadlines

Confirm your subject priority order Midnight Sunday 7th July
Following Wyke Start, you are required to go onto the Applicant Portal to confirm the 3 course choices (or equivalent) that you would like to study with us in September.
Complete your Wyke Start Summer Work Thursday 5th September  
Each of your subjects will set you compulsory Summer Work to complete over the holidays to help you prepare for your courses. Complete this to the best of your ability and bring it along on your first day at Wyke. This will go live following Wyke Start and is available on the Wyke Start Summer Work page.
GCSE Results Day Thursday 22nd August
Upload your GCSE Results to the Applicant Portal Midnight Sunday 25 August  
We wish you the best of luck on GCSE results day. There will be lots of advice and guidanceon our website and social media channels on the day. As soon as youhave your GCSE results, please upload these to the Applicant Portal.
Attend your enrolment appointment Tuesday 27th August - Friday 30th august  
At your enrolment appointment, we will firm up your course choices, enrichment package and any additional support needs that you may have. It is also a great opportunity to ask any further questions.
Welcome to Wyke Thursday 5th September
Your first day as a Wyke student will be Thursday 5th September. Don’t forget to bring your Summer Work. We can’t wait for you to join us.