April 9, 2024

Culture Day 2024

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Culture Day 2024 was one of the outstanding events of the academic year at Wyke. Organised exclusively by students, the event has grown rapidly since its creation as a student business project in 2022.

Now across two days, the event brings together the whole college community to celebrate the cultural richness of Wyke. Highlights included food stalls from across the world, hundreds of students proudly wearing their cultural dress and the excitement of the “Culture Day Catwalk”.

Reflecting on the impact of this enrichment, student coordinators Chelsea Ezeagba and Saya Ali had so many positive experiences.

For Saya, the event was a really rewarding experience. When asked if the days had meet her expectations, she said, “It exceeded them if I'll be honest, I did not expect so many students to be enthusiastic about the day, but we surprisingly had a lot of engagement and many people really immersing themselves in different cultures. It was something I believe the whole team should be proud of.”

Chelsea also felt that the event created a real buzz around the campus. She said, “For me the highlight of the event were the stalls because I heavily participated in it, but the culture catwalk was extremely fascinating, seeing all the different cultures was unforgettable.”

Saya seconded Chelsea’s feelings. She felt that “It enabled students to show how proud they are of their culture and to get others to understand the beauty of their culture also. We all got to see that no matter how different we are, we are all alike in many ways, as cultures got to see the similarities of dresses, food, traditions between other cultures!”

Culture Day is now firmly established on the Wyke enrichment calendar. We can’t wait until next year.



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