July 10, 2023

I Predict a Riot

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Wyke Sixth Form College's A Level Photography program has produced yet another talented individual ready to make their mark in the industry. Meet Milly Warkup, a determined and talented student who is set to pursue a freelance career after completing their studies this summer. Their story is a testament to the adage "you create your own luck," as Milly's dedication and skill have opened doors to remarkable opportunities.

During their time at Wyke Sixth Form College, Milly demonstrated their eagerness to learn and grow by reaching out to the Driffield & Wolds Weekly for work experience. This volunteer opportunity eventually led them to gain a press pass to photograph a highly anticipated gig by the renowned band Kaiser Chiefs at the prestigious Bridlington Spa. The results were nothing short of spectacular, showcasing Milly's ability to capture the energy and essence of live performances.

Impressed by Milly's talent, the music industry took notice. Now, Milly has been personally invited to photograph upcoming gigs by Bastille and McFly later this summer. The recognition they have received at such an early stage of their career is a testament to their exceptional eye for detail and their ability to seize opportunities.

When asked about their future plans, Milly expressed their excitement and aspirations, saying, "I consider myself extremely fortunate to have received a press pass through my contacts at the paper. It was an unbelievably appreciated opportunity. I am eagerly looking forward to photographing Bastille and McFly at the Spa later this year. Ultimately, I aim to develop my portfolio and establish my own photography business."

The faculty and staff at Wyke Sixth Form College are confident that Milly's talent and determination will pave the way for a successful freelance career. With their exceptional skills and the remarkable opportunities already coming their way, there is no doubt that Milly is destined for greatness.

To learn more about the A Level Photography program at Wyke Sixth Form College visit https://www.wyke.ac.uk/course/photography

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