June 9, 2023

Interview Preparation

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Your college interview gives you the opportunity to find out more about your study programme and the Wyke Experience.  We have put together some fantastic advice and guidance to help you prepare for this exciting step to becoming a Wyke student.

1)     Find a quiet space

Before your interview is due to start, set out a quiet space for the interview to take place. This may be in a quiet room away from the TV, music or any other distractions.

2)     Resources

Make sure that your phone is charged ahead of the call.

If you have any changes to your predicted grades, please make sure to have these to hand including the correct qualification type, e.g. GCSE or BTEC.

It may also be worth having a pen and paper ready to take down notes.

3)      Consider your next steps

To make sure you are choosing the right course combination, we will talk to you about your career ambitions. Don't worry if you don't know exactly what career you would like to pursue, this will develop during your time at Wyke, but it would good to indicate areas of interest. Start to consider if you are interested in any of the following post-Wyke routes:

·        University (including Oxbridge/ Russell Group)

·        Advanced Apprenticeships

·        Employment

·        Gap Year

·        Armed Forces/Public Services

·        Your Ultimate Career Goals, e.g. Doctor, Sports Journalist, Lawyer

4)      Course choices

A typical study programme at Wyke consists of 3 courses or equivalent. At interview, you will be asked to put down your main three choices (or equivalent) plus an additional course to try out at our Wyke Start taster event in July. You can explore all of our course options here: https://www.wyke.ac.uk/courses

5)      Enrichment Programme

Our enrichment opportunities are split into three categories: Academic, Whole College and Clubs and Societies. We will discuss any enrichments that you may be interested in at your interview. You can start to discover more about our fantastic enrichment programme at: https://www.wyke.ac.uk/student-life/enrichment

If you think there's an enrichment we should be offering, or you would like to get involved with, then mention it at your interview and we can look to start that activity with your help.

6)      Ask questions

If you’ve got questions, don’t be shy. Ask away and find out as much as you can. It shows that you’re interested. You can always write a list of specific questions beforehand.

7)     Stay positive!

It can be normal to feel a little nervous before an interview but try to remember that these next steps are exciting. Your college interview really is nothing to worry about; it is informal and there to help ensure you are well informed about all aspects of college life and on the right track to your future career goals.

 We can't wait to speak with you. #MakeItHappen

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