September 25, 2023

Political Journey

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In an era where young people are increasingly engaged in shaping the future, a remarkable 20-minute pilot television program offers a unique glimpse into the learning journey of A Level Politics students at Wyke Sixth Form College. Produced by an independent production company, this captivating documentary follows the students' participation in an enriching course provided by an external group called "I Have a Voice."

The pilot program has garnered positive feedback from both students and faculty, prompting the production company to seek funding for further development and potential screening at film and television festivals.

Unleashing the Power of "I Have a Voice":

At the heart of this enlightening documentary lies "I Have a Voice," a voluntary education group committed to equipping young people with the tools and confidence to speak up on issues that matter to them and their communities. Their mission extends beyond mere empowerment; they aim to diversify representation across leadership positions and foster participation in social action through education and the sharing of professional experiences.

By instilling knowledge, tools, and enthusiasm in informed and active citizens, "I Have a Voice" places young individuals in the driver's seat of building capacity within their communities to drive change.

A Journey of Empowerment and Learning:

Led by professionals from the political sphere, "I Have a Voice" brings a unique experience to the classroom. Their sessions and resources are carefully designed to bolster confidence, allowing students to articulate and explore their views while responding constructively and respectfully to challenges. Through an immersive dive into the innerworkings of Parliament and the democratic processes in the UK, young people gain an understanding of the mechanisms available to amplify their voices and effect meaningful change.

Pete Carpenter, the A Level Politics teacher at Wyke Sixth Form College, expressed his enthusiasm for the documentary project, stating, "It is an interesting watch. We enjoyed the experience of having the film crew here, and it provided an exciting enrichment project for the students." The documentary captures the transformative impact of "I Have a Voice" on the students' personal growth, self-expression, and aspirations for future careers in politics and policymaking.

Youth Ambassadors: The Power of Sustained Impact:

"I Have a Voice" has witnessed the organic growth of a "Youth Ambassador Programme" as an increasing number of past students kept in touch to continue having their voices heard. These passionate young individuals convene regularly, discussing current events, honing their skills, and engaging in various campaigns. By fostering a supportive community through platforms like Slack, "I Have a Voice" empowers its ambassadors to become agents of change long after their initial encounter with the program.

Looking Forward: Funding and Film Festivals:

With the overwhelming positive response to the pilot program, the production company behind the documentary is actively seeking funding to further develop and expand the project. Their vision includes showcasing the inspiring journey of A Level Politics students and the transformative impact of "I Have a Voice" at esteemed film and television festivals. By sharing this unique perspective on youth empowerment and political engagement, the documentary aims to inspire and ignite conversations about the role of education in shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

The 20-minute pilot television program documenting the learning journey of A Level Politics students at Wyke Sixth Form College through "I Have a Voice" is a captivating testament to the power of youth empowerment and civic education. By equipping young individuals with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to speak up and participate in political processes, "I Have a Voice" fosters a generation of informed and active citizens ready to shape their communities and tackle societal challenges. As we eagerly anticipate further development and potential screenings at film and television festivals, let us celebrate the students' journey and the transformative impact of this remarkable program.

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