June 7, 2024

Outstanding Enrichment

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“The Wyke Experience” for 2023-2024 has been captured in a 35-page report that showcases the volume and quality of opportunities available to students. This includes reviews on the new trips to Nice, Los Angeles and skiing in the Spanish Pyrenees, to the visit of Norland College and the coordination of amazing work experience.


Principal Paul Britton said, “It's brilliant when you just actually take a moment to read about all the fantastic things that Wyke organises for students. There are pages worth of remarkable experiences, additional activity trips, and visiting speakers. All the amazing things that makes Wyke so special.”


The level of extra-curricular activity was recognised in Wyke’s recent Ofsted review. The Outstanding report found that the curriculum to be ambitious and challenging, equipping students “with the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed for their next step into higher education”, preparing them for leadership roles in a wide range of professional careers.


In response to the enhanced Ofsted inspection framework, which places less emphasis on exam results and more on teaching quality and curriculum, Wyke highlighted its culture of learning and personal development.


Alongside excellent academic progression and outcomes, inspectors drew attention to the college’s outstanding enrichment programme. “Students benefit from an extensive range of high-quality and rich experiences that develop their interests, talents and skills”, found the report, in “a culture in which students’ personal development is valued as highly as their academic achievements.”

Download the Student Activity Report 2024
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