June 9, 2023

The DC Experience

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Wyke students are back on their global tours – “The Wyke Experience”.

Highlights of the visit are now on the College's YouTube channel https://youtu.be/T8Q9PivDkbw

The cross-college visit to Washington DC was Wyke’s first international trip since the lifting of Covid restrictions. Scheduling the tour in early spring meant that the group were able to enjoy the iconic cherry blossom in full bloom through the spring sunshine.Over the six-day break, the group visited all the key monuments, historical sites and political institutions. The Lincoln Memorial and the Martin Luther King Memorial, the White House, the Smithsonian Museums, Arlington Cemetery and Capitol Hill, were all visited in a packed itinerary. The visit to the National Museum of African American History and Culture was particularly significant as entry is limited to pre-booked tickets due to the centres level of popularity.The entire trip linked into the A level syllabuses, a point that was constantly referenced throughout the tour.

James Goodchild, Head of A level History teacher and A level Government & Politics, delivered mini lectures at all the key landmarks. Catherine Eariss, Head of A Level Sociology teacher, also drew connections to the social changes that the USA experienced during the 20th century. For example, the visit to the Martin Luther King memorial linked to the “Beliefs in Society” topic and how religion has impacted on social change.It wasn’t all museum, landmark and statues.

To sample some “real” American culture, the group booked to watch the Washington Capitals National League Ice hockey game. The following day, some of students went to see the Washington’s Nationals baseball match at the stadium adjacent to the group’s hotel.  Outside of the political and cultural centre, the group explored Washington’s suburbs, visiting the city’s zoological gardens. During the week, there was even time for shopping at the enormous Pentagon Mall.“Washington DC 2022” was an amazing visit.

New students get ready for “The Wyke Experience” - planning is already underway for 2023.

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