June 9, 2023

EPQ Excellence

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Congratulations to our EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) students on their outstanding grades. Of the 86 students who added EPQ to their study programme, 92% were awarded an A*-B grade.

Alice Kay-Wood gained an A* for her investigation into the evolution of the Snow White, a fairy tale that most people recognise through the Disney animated film. As Alice discovered, there is so much more in the history of this familiar story.

“I enjoyed every part of my EPQ, from the research, to the writing, to designing my poster and giving my final presentation. The whole process allowed me to focus on a topic area I’m highly passionate about, and to develop my skills in conducting independent research and investigation. Alongside learning about fairy tales and the evolution of Snow White, I learnt;

a) never to accept an apple from a stranger and

b) how to conduct academic research, finding and referencing sources written by influential figures in the fairytale sector.

I loved giving my presentation at Hull University; it was lovely to share the findings of my research, and the experience formed a celebratory end to my EPQ.  My project formed a perfect addition to my A Level studies in English Literature, English Language and Fine Art, and I will use the knowledge I gained and the skills I developed through my EPQ when I go to university to study Creative Writing and Fine Art.

I would definitely recommend the EPQ to anybody who has a particular passion for an extra-curricular topic and wants to learn more about it.”

For further information about our EPQ enrichment visit https://www.wyke.ac.uk/enrichment/extended-project-qualification and mention it at your College interview.

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