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Business A Level

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Entry Requirements
A Level Business requires you to achieve at least the minimum entry requirements for your chosen pathway plus a grade 5 or higher in GCSE Maths and grade 5 or higher in GCSE English Language.

A Level Business requires you to achieve at least the minimum entry requirements for your chosen pathway plus a grade 5 or higher in GCSE Maths and grade 5 or higher in GCSE English Language. The minimum entry requirements will be discussed at open events and at your college interview.

Business A Level

This is a really good course choice for you if you have a strong interest in how businesses operate. The course allows you to explore all aspects of the business world including the many different types of business structure, business functions including Human Resources, Marketing, Finance and Operations along with the strategic aims and objectives of a business.

This course will give you access to a wide range of exciting next step opportunities including many business related degree courses at university (such as Business Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing or Finance) advanced apprenticeships with leading companies or the ability to run your own business in the future.

Course Structure

The A Level course is delivered over 2 academic years. You will receive 4 hours 40 minutes of lessons per week, although you are also expected to complete work independently outside of lessons. Your group is taught by one teacher and the focus within lessons will be very much upon applying the concepts taught within the classroom to accounting based problems. This will be backed up by thorough and regular classroom based assessment. You can choose a wide range of subjects to accompany A Level Business. Many students choose to compliment this subject with Accounting and/or Economics. You will be taught in specialist classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards and conducive to group tasks and problem solving. The course will develop your Maths, English and Business skills. These are essential and are tested throughout the course and in the final exams. You will be supported in your studies by specialist Level 3 Business Teachers who have many years of teaching and examining experience between them.

The course content will provide an engaging experience through topics and issues that are relevant in today’s society. You will study key contemporary developments such as digital technology, business ethics and globalisation.


• What is business?

• Managers, leadership and decision making

• Decision making to improve marketing performance

• Decision making to improve operational performance

• Decision making to improve financial performance

• Decision making to improve human resource performance

• Analysing the strategic position of a business

• Choosing strategic direction

• Strategic methods: how to pursue strategies

• Managing strategic change


This A Level is assessed by 3 written exam papers:

Paper 1

2 hours, 33.3% of A Level weighting

Three compulsory sections:

Section A: 15 multiple choice questions (MCQs), worth 15 marks.

Section B: short answer questions worth 35 marks.

Section C: 2 essay questions (choice of one from two and one from two), each worth 25 marks.

Paper 2

2 hours, 33.3% of A Level weighting

Three data response compulsory questions worth approximately 33 marks each and made up of three or four part questions.

Paper 3

2 hours, 33.3% of A Level weighting

One compulsory case study.

preparation for the course

The course aims to give you a broad understanding of business and the ability to study selected areas in more depth. Taking an interest in the news and current affairs by watching the news and reading the newspapers will aid the transition from GCSE. You will also find watching TV programmes on current affairs and entrepreneurial programmes like Dragons Den and the Apprentice really useful, as well as regularly reading the business section of a quality newspaper, exploring BBC news or keeping up to date with key Business figures on social media. This will all help as an introduction to the exciting world of Business.

Course Information

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Wyke Sixth Form College hold train to teach information events which offer you a great insight into this course. If you are interested in attending one of these events, please complete this form and we will be in contact with the key information.

Please note that the applications for this course can be submitted by following the ‘Apply Now’ button on this page. Applications are made through the University of Huddersfield rather than Wyke Sixth Form College. We look forward to meeting with you.

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A Level Business can lead to a wide range of career options as the course will develop your skills of analysis and problem solving. Students who go on to study Business at university often chose to specialise in Marketing, Finance, IT or Human Resources. Having an A Level in Business will put you in great stead for a huge range of careers, as it is a great qualification to have. Our students progress to enjoy careers in numerous professions including marketing and advertising, retail management, public relations, teaching, recruitment, sales and distribution.

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Course Overview
Case Study: 

Emily Greenwood former The Vale Academy student

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summer work

At Wyke Start, our 2-day taster event in July, each of your subjects will set you some work to complete to help prepare you for the course. The work is available to download on

The Wyke Experience

In studying A Level Business it is very important for you to gain as wide an experience of business in action as you can. The Business team, alongside other subjects in the department, believe that we should open students up to a wide a range of enrichment activities designed to further your appreciation of the subject. An overseas trip to New York is offered specialising in Business, Accounts and Economics. The trip will focus on the financial, economic and legal structures that make up the bustling city. You will be given an amazing opportunity to learn more about the city and its culture whilst exploring some of the most famous streets in the world.

You will also have the opportunity to engage in real life business scenarios, for example, a recent trip which saw our A Level Business students find out about Cranswick Foods, a large business in the local area. Students were then set a group task to use this knowledge to help them create a new product for the company and pitch this to representatives from the organisation.

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